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This is the quintessential Wolfhound All Mountain Single Speed 29er. It was designed for the steep and fast singletrack in Southern Oregon. The use of a suspension fork is chosen because this bike is occasionally subject to hard landings. It has slack head and seat tube angles, especially for a 29er. It features Drop-outs, an integrated BB with 4 pressed in PHil Wood bearings, a custom seat tube lug, and an hour glass head tube designed by Fred and specific to Wolfhound Cycles only. The bike is steel and all fillet brazed, a material and method chosen for superior fatigue life. The Split Seat Tube design provides the ever coveted short chainstays on a 29er. Positive side effects are added seat tube compliance and improved pedaling stiffness – a rare combination. The finish is by local air brush genius Jeremiah Thiring. The true uniqueness of this bike is not in all the features listed above, but in their complete dependence on each other. The curves (all done in-house) are actually what makes most of it possible. Everything that is beautiful on this bike is designed out of performance necessity.

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