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2012 winners

List of entrants by category

Friday, 2nd March and Saturday morning, 3rd March 
Judging takes place
Saturday, 3rd March
Most awards given. Up to three awards per category will be issued. Award plaques will be displayed on winning bikes, which will be returned to the exhibitors’ booths before the awards are made.
Sunday, 4th March
People’s Choice, President’s Choice, Best New Builder awards made at main stage.


Rules for Submission:

Exhibitors wishing to submit a frame/bicycle for judging must provide notice to NAHBS no later than 45 days from the beginning of the show.

The category in which the frame/bicycle is entered must be indicated.

For multiple submissions, indication of category must be made for each frame.

A frame/bicycle cannot be entered in multiple categories or divisions.

If a frame/bicycle could qualify for multiple divisions (eg. lugged steel cyclocross frame could be eligible for best steel, best lugged, or best cyclocross), the builder must indicate at the time of entry the category in which the frame/bicycle is entered.

Information about each frame/bicycle must be supplied. This information comprises notes on the concept, choice of material, design, construction process, finish, delivery process.

Frame/bicycles are not required to be submitted in advance of the show, exhibitors are required only to provide notice of their intent, as outlined above, by 45 days prior (17th January).

NAHBS Management will publish all entries within 30 days of the start of the show (Tuesday 31st January).

Entries in the Materials division must be presented unpainted to allow judges to better assess craftsmanship.

The decisions of the judges are, in extreme situations, subject to the approval of NAHBS management.

Best new builder, People’s Choice, President’s Choice are categories with automatic entry and do not require notice by the frame builder.



Materials Division

Best steel construction

Best titanium construction

Best carbon construction

Best alternative material (bamboo, aluminum, wood,)

Riding Discipline Division

Best city bike

Best road bike

Best mountain bike

Best cyclocross bike

Best track bike

Best tandem bike

Best experimental bike

Construction Division

Best lugged frame

Best fillet frame

Best TIG frame

Overall Division

Best new builder

Best finish

People’s choice

President’s choice

Best of show


Guidelines for the Judges

All evaluation will be conducted in a closed environment of judges only. The times, location and agenda for the judging will be issued in advance and exhibitors will be responsible for dropping their frame/bicycle at the pre-determined area in advance of their categories judging. Judges will inspect all frame/bicycles in each category at once and votes taken at that time.

All judging will be conducted on Friday night and Saturday with results posted by 1:00 PM on Saturday. Awards will be posted and placards will be distributed to those exhibitors that received special merit. These placards will be displayed next to the frame/bicycle for the remainder of NAHBS.

In each category up to three frames can be granted special merit. There is no guarantee that three submissions will receive special merit. Only those frames that are deemed to be worth special consideration.

Any frame under consideration must be symmetrical. (Wheel must be centered in drops, seat stays must line-up, ears for pinch bolt must not touch, fork legs must be symmetrical, brake posts must line-up, brake bridge must be centered, etc).

Bikes must exhibit proper equipment for the discipline (no brakes or bottle cages on track bikes, no improper gearing choices on cyclocross bikes, no flat pedals on a XC mountain bike).

A frame must show evidence of an outstanding overall aesthetic while remaining a practical and functional bicycle.

The frame must give evidence that the builder possesses the fundamental knowledge of design and construction.

The frame builder must show evidence of outstanding talent in functional design, graphic design, materials use, assembly/forming skill, or joining skill.

The frame must possess evidence of attention to detail in all stages of the concept, design, construction, finish and delivery processes.