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Your Bikes:

Your Bikes:

How to add a new bike:

1. Click Add New under Posts
2. Enter the name of the bike
3. Enter a description of the bike (do not add photos here)
4. Select the Tags that describe the bike, use “Choose from the most used tags” if you need common ones.
5. Select 2011 Bikes as the Category
6. Add your bike’s profile photo:

1. Click the Media button
2. Upload your images
3. Close the panel

7. Select Bike as the Post Template
8. Click Publish

Once approved, the bike will appear on your profile, in the gallery and on the homepage news tab.

How to add your bike photos:

1. Click Posts in the left-side column to edit a bike or Add Post if your adding a new bike.
2. Click the Media button
3. Upload your new image
4. Close the panel
5. Click Update Post

TIP: Use the Gallery Tab in after clicking the Media button to organize your photos, rearrange them my grabbing and dropping. The first photo will be displayed first, second in the list second, and so on.

How to remove a profile photo:

1. Click the Media button
2. Select Gallery at the top.
3. Click “Show” on the image you would like to remove.
4. Click Delete and delete the image.
5. Close the panel
6. Click Update Post