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ArtBike! @ NAHBS:

What is ArtBike! ?

SPOT THE BIKE Contest!   Locate venues and exhibits with our Google Map!
Scroll down for contest details.

ArtBike! is a bicycle-centric community art exhibition that celebrates the timeless design and versatility of the bicycle, combining Sacramento’s reputation as a cycling community with the city’s love and support of local art. Part of NAHBS, ArtBike! is an outreach program for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. It builds a fun bridge between the city of Sacramento and the show, using the themes of inspiration, quality and craftsmanship that will be abundant among the refined bicycles on display inside the Sacramento Convention Center March 2 – 4.

The official launch of ArtBike! is February 11, with a self guided tour of local establishments who have generously donated space to host the bike-centric art and sculpture. Our all out, full blown, crazy sculpture bike parade will take place Saturday, March 3, aka NAHBS Saturday. Start looking for art work around the city beginning February 11. The temporary exhibitions of bike art run through March 4th, the last day of NAHBS 2012 in Sacramento.
Panda BicyclesMegan MorganRik Keller

First ArtBike! Activity is this Saturday! Grab your bike and tour all participating venues in Sacramento. Also, make sure to check out the US Bicycle Hall of Fame in Davis.

- Kick Off Party at Hot Italian, March 1, 201
Join us as we celebrate Sacramento’s creative cycling community, complete with raffle prizes and special guests.

MARCH 2,3,4:
On display in the NAHBS expo hall, there will be a 20’ x 20’ juried display of local artists available for sale.

- ArtBike Sacramento‘s Avant-Garde Art Bike Parade – Starts at Hot Italian, 2 pm

ArtBike! self guided tour, beginning at 4pm, right after Bike Parade:
View cycle-centric art exhibits at the following local venues:
—-> “The art of the bicycle” – featuring over 12 local artists at Milk Gallery (4pm – 8pm)
—-> “The Legacy” handmade bicycle – on display at Ancil Hoffman Golf Course (8am – 5pm)
—-> “Paint on coffee bags” with Utah artist Megan Morgan at Cuffs (11am – 7pm)
—-> “Bikes: Photography” by Rik Keller at The Golden Bear (open throughout evening)
—-> “Bicycles in Art: Multimedia works” by LockedCog Group at First Edition
(11am – 7pm)
—-> “Handmade Steampunk Monocycle” by Atomic Elroy at Appel Gallery (4pm – 8pm)

—-> “Art Bikes” by Slimm Buick at Sacramento Temporary Contemporary Gallery (TBA)


—-> SPOT THE BIKE Contest!

Here’s the deal: Spot ONE of the 4 painted bikes around midtown, take a photo with your smartphone and post it to the NAHBS Facebook page (here).  You’ll be entered to win two passes to this years NAHBS or a cool new bag from Rickshaw Bagworks. Claim your prize at the ArtBike! Party hosted by Hot Italian, Thursday, March 1 from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm. **MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!**

Why is ArtBike! happening?

ArtBike! is an effort to create a community buzz about just how cool it is to be creative, healthy, and into bikes. It is a collaboration of two of the most positive and progressive communities in the world!

The goal of ArtBike! is to promote NAHBS and help leave a lasting impression on the city of Sacramento and its neighbors about how fabulous life can be when filled with Bikes! and Art!

When the city, the community, local galleries, NAHBS, artists, bike advocates, and visitors collaborate on a project, the positive energy generated is astounding and resounding.

Kudos to the people that led the charge to make it happen!

Co-founder: Paul Skilbeck,
Art manager: Julia Beckner, just
Parade manager: Kevin ‘Mayor Greenberg’ Greenberg
Party manager: Kari Shipman, Juniper James
Party host: Andrea Lepore, Hot Italian
Official read: Bicycle Times
Parent: NAHBS (there’s no point linking, you’re already on the NAHBS site!)

ArtBike! Contact:

Sacramento project manager:
Julia Beckner

National contact:
Paul Skilbeck
NAHBS/O2 Active
tel: +1 415.359.0730
cell: +1 415.516.1444