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admin: High Performance Titanium:

Moots Product Development veteran Butch Boucher will be giving a talk on High Performance Titanium.  Butch has an extensive background in the bicycle industry and uses his vast knowledge to best design products that connect rider and machine for a seamless feel and unparalleled ride quality. Butch worked extensively in steel during his “formidable” years, which gave him the understanding of how a truly good riding bicycle should perform.  From there his attention was fully focused on titanium to replace steel as his material of choice in frame construction.  Butch has played a key role in Moots latest product development push to evolve titanium to higher levels of performance. That effort has resulted in the RSL and Divide line of bikes.

Butch cut his teeth in the bike industry in 1984 and since then has played a crucial role for two small handbuilt frame companies, Co-Motion Cycles (which he co-founded in 1987) and Moots (1996-present). He was in the very first Ti frame builder’s class at UBI in 1992, taught by Gary Helfrich.  Butch has over 20 years of titanium experience and has been surrounded by many others within Moots who have intimate knowledge with the magic metal.

Butch will be covering topics ranging from how titanium has evolved over the years in the bicycle industry, where titanium is today as well as the philosophies, principles and techniques Moots adheres to in designing and building their frames.

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