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admin: Forming and Fabricating with MS2™, and MS2™ Exogrid™:

MS2™ tubing and its combination of high strength, ductility and excellent ride qualities, makes it a go too steel material.  Learn how high levels of formability can create the customized frame design riders are looking for.  KVA STAINLESS™ will also be introducing a new line of MS2™ Exogrid™ tubing, using carbon reinforcing technology within stainless steel tubing for the first time!  This new tubing will offer a unique blend of frame stiffness and responsiveness… it’s a ride quality that you’ll want to see for yourself.  We discuss the fabrication techniques that are commonly used, how proper prep and setup can give you the confidence, quality and efficiency in fabricating MS2™ into a wide variety of frame designs for road and off road bikes.

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