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admin: The Present and Future of Handmade Bicycles:

A candid conversation with a panel of the industry’s top builders, business leaders and retailers – including Richard Sachs, Mike DeSalvo, Craig Calfee, Gary Smith of Independent Fabrication and Diane Lees of HubBub Custom Bicycles. Hosted by Bicycling magazine, this session is sure to offer plenty of insight and commentary on a range of current and forward-looking issues, including: how builders can stand out amidst growing competition, the impact of rapidly evolving industry standards, key growth areas and how the market can capitalize on recent momentum, customer wait times, the importance of bike fit, and much more.

Led by Bicycling Magazine Contributing Editor and “Boulder Report” blogger Joe Lindsey, attendees will come away with a stronger sense of the key issues for both customers and builders, and what the present and future holds for handmade bikes.  Brief audience Q&A to follow panel session.

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