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From the NAHBS Award Winners, Part 2:

Black Sheep Bikes’ Todd Heath –  Best TIG Welded and Best Experimental Bike

This is the first year that a Titanium frame has won the Best Tig Welded award. Titanium is a little bit more challenging to weld than steel or aluminum.

Our innovative bike is based on 36 inch diameter wheels with rims and tires from unicycles. The rims are made by Nimbus and are 787 by 42mm. The Tires are by Coker. It is a single speed cruiser and with the large diameter tires rolls over everything really smooth.

There has ben a really good turnout for this show. There is lots of potential for follow up sales for us.


Paketa Magnesium Bikes ‘JP Burow –  Best Alternative Material

The bike wearing the ribbon was a TIG welded magnesium tandem weighing only 23 pounds. Burow asked all visitors to“Please pick it up.” Everyone who did said “Wow!” as it came off the floor much faster than they expected.

The frame is extremely stiff, but with exceptional vibration dampening for excellent ride quality. Magnesium has the best strength- to-weight ratio of any metal. This bike uses Shimano Ultegra DI2 electronic shifting internally wired. It also has same side gearing which allows use of standard cranksets on a tandem.

I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun and still been sober. This is our first NAHBS show. The response has been great.


Photo: Doug Hack

Demon Frameworks’ Tom Warmerdam –  Best Road Bike

Tom came all the way from Southhampton, United Kingdom for the show.

I got to the point where I didn’t want to use off the peg lugs. I want my bikes recognizable without a badge. I want to move lug design to the 21st century. To do that I want to design stainless steel lugs that are clearly modern, but with classic influence. The lugs on this bike are my “Manhattan” lug, based off the Chrysler Building. This is a blend of Art Deco and architectural brutalism. My other lug design is the “Hermes” lug. 

This show is the Mecca for frame builders. Part of the reason I’m here is to be measured alongside the best. What gives me the biggest buzz is when the people I look up to, come up and appreciate my work.


Photo: Matt Weil

Muse Cycles’ Lyle Harlow –  Best City Bike

One of the judges came by and told me what made my bike the ribbon winner. The key factor was the very functional city design with fenders, chainguard, matching custom front and rear racks, hub powered lights, internal hub and carbon drive. This is all low-maintenance, easy to ride and enjoy. It also has a good paint job. The design aesthetically flows together well with the curved tubes of the frame and the racks. There are also nice details on the lugs and the head badge.

This is my first NAHBS. I’m getting lots of interest and going through a lot of business cards. This is outstanding! I’ve been to three other bike shows. People here are really interested. Usually at other shows, by Sunday afternoon we’re ready for someone to come shoot us as there is nobody there. The media coverage here is great.


Photo: Doug Hack

Alchemy Bicycles –  Best Carbon Construction
Interview with Dave Ryther, National Sales Manager

Our forms and shapes are unique. We made an extra effort to aesthetically integrate the frame design with the components selection. Other builders tend to use off the shelf tubes. We have ENVE produce our tubes from our proprietary molds.

This year the show has been fantastic. Northern California has a population of cyclists who know what they are talking about. It’s great to be appreciated by knowledgable people.

The order numbers aren’t in yet byt we have a lot of interest and our Sausalito dealer has sent a number of potential customers to the show to check out our bikes.


Moots’ Jon Carveau –  Best Cyclocross Bike

The reason we received the ribbon is the overall build quality of the frame, tube shapes, weld quality and overall finish of the titanium. It is a straight-forward design without complicating things. We focus on working solely in titanium. This frame also has a 44mm headtube and press fit 33mm press fit bottom bracket techonology.

The beauty of the hand built show is that it’s moving every year to different audiences. The audience is really well educated – real riders.


Photo: Troy McLaughlin

Eriksen Cycles’ Kent Eriksen – Best Tandem and Best Titanium Construction

Our titanium single speed is one made for and ridden by a pro gal racer in Colorado. It is nicknamed the Pumpkin because it has orange accents. We call it a 27 and a halfer because it has 650B wheels. The custom head badge is a characature of the owner, Karen Tremaine with her pigtail braids. I had to make special roller adapters to make the smoothly curved titanium top tube she wanted for the vintage look. It is a real simple looking bike.

We get a lot of press over the year that pops up as a result of being at the show. It seems to get us a lot of sales, particularly when we get awards. We usually just bring bikes we’ve made for customers rather than special show bikes. We did make the tandem for the show, but I wanted a road tandem and this is my personal bike, finished just before the show. We will ride it for the first real ride in Santa Cruz after the show. It uses electronic shift DI2 and has dual control front and back so my stoker with RAAM experience can shift and brake also.


Cielo Cycles’ Nick Sande –  Best Mountain Bike

Cielo frames are made by Chris King using the manufacturing capabilities built up with the component business. We have made a lot of our own frame jigs and tooling to ensure perfect alignment before, during and after brazing. We have also invested in our own paint facility to get the quality of finish we feel the frames deserve. We use water based paint for environmental concerns.

Our name is similar to a Swiss manufacturer, Cilo, but we are not associated with them.


Bishop Bikes – Best Steel Construction

Bishop was displaying a very clean, classic track bike.

This is my 1970s California framebuilder’s style with fillet brazing on the lugs and and lots of handfiling to taper the classic Prugnat lugs. The stem is a Nitto but it looks like a classic Cinelli 1A. With the vintage Shimano Dura-Ace track crank and high flange hubs, the look is all vintage Japanese components. This was inspired by builders like Peter Johnson and Albert Eisentraut. It looks like classic frame tubes but if you look closely it has custom Reynolds tapered main tubes to stiffen the bottom bracket. Bruce Gordon came by and said,”It’s a very pretty bike.”

People come from around the World with an interest in buying custom made bikes. It generates sales. I might get only one or two sales at the show, then the blogs and print media follow ups help. People can look around and see the bikes and decide what builders they want to work with.