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Simple and Exclusive

Cykelmageren, Rasmus Gjesing’s Copenhagen-based company, would not only win for Most Complicated Name To Say, but also for Most Consistent Innovation should the two awards exist at NAHBS. As stated in his company’s product catalogue, two words describe his philosophy when looking at bicycles: Simplicity and Exclusivity.

Entering his intense black and wood-themed booth, one is met with a variety of products that back up this description. Everything found in Cykelmageren’s booth, be it sexy minimalist brakes, pivotless bedazzled brake levers, or architecturally inspired pedals, is both sourced and manufactured entirely in-house. This complete control allows for a variety of interchangeable options on several different signature styles.

First and foremost, there is the commuter bike. “In my opinion, this is the bike that everyone should ride,” states Gjesing. “It is comfortable, available in a step-through option, and timeless.”

Photo: Sophie Ballo

And those interchangeable options? Gjsesing’s innovative touches allow for different types of wood grain or alloy handlebar ends, simply by screwing and unscrewing one for the other. The same can be said of his in-house hubs; both front and rear (which can be either a fixed or a flip flop) come in luxurious boxes and can be wood one day and alloy the next.

For those evening rides, holes in both fork crown and the handlebars house simple cylindrical lights, which are both held in place and activated with hidden magnets. Need a rear light? The same thing can be placed in an elegant leather strap, and placed in a variety of positions.

Built-in locks go one step further in Gjesing’s catalogue of accessories: “I was in the shower one day, and looked at the cable that held the showerhead and thought, ‘That is a beautiful design.’ I then placed a Stainless Steel cord through a section of cable, and tied off the ends with my light housing with the lights removed.” The end result? A one-of-a-kind cable lock that pulls double duty as art piece and practical tool.

Speaking of tools, Gjesing also offers in-house constructed wrench sets (both hex and star) held in a leather case for $65.00, and a multi tool for $85.00.

When asked what his goal was at this year’s NAHBS, Gjesing was quick to answer.

“We try to create themes with our booths. This year, it was with our wood and simple black designs.”

The constant crowd around their work speaks to a successful game plan, as they prove that Simplicity and Exclusivity make a winning combination.