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Best Titanium Frame – Steve Potts Cycles

Steve Potts is a legendary Bay Area builder, having founded Wilderness Trail Bikes, and has been building for 32 years. His NAHBS Award-winning bike was a 29er:

It’s a smaller frame size, which made designing it a bit more challenging. Complete Ti construction, with custom bars and stem, also crafted from Ti.  The Type II Fork is a steel fork I have been making for about 30 years. It is a Charlie Cunningham design, also one of my close friends and my original partner in WTB.  Charlie and I have been working on great bike ideas for about 32 years and still having fun! 

This year’s NAHBS was by far the best and biggest. I’d been to Portland and San Jose in the past, but what was gratifying was to see the balance that the show retains between an informal gathering of like-minded friends and a way to increase a builder’s image and sales.

I think NAHBS still has it right: it’s a fun way to get to know your potential customers and talk with them without pressure or expectation. Certainly after the show our website counter goes through the roof! But it’s not too corporate, and I hope it won’t ever go down that road.