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Steve Rex Cycles:

Local Favorite

This year marks the 25th anniversary of local Sacramento builder Steve Rex Cycles.

Steve is a self-taught frame builder, having gained inspiration while studying abroad in Bristol, England. Upon finishing college he took machining and welding courses and began experimenting with frame building. He would fix bicycles for customers by day, and build frames at night. His business has grown steadily over the years, and he is now a highly regarded builder.

Steve custom-builds each bike for every customer, and makes a full range of styles from road and track to touring, mountain and tandem. He also repairs frames and installs frame couplers for easy bicycle transport. Many of Rex Cycles customers are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, but Steve has sold bikes to customers across the country.

For the 2012 NAHBS, Steve is showcasing a couple of very special bikes.

The first is a full stainless steel lugged road bike with polished lugs and logo, and bead-blasted tubes. The headbadge is also stainless and features a 25th anniversary logo.

The second is a randonneuring-style road bike with integrated rack, lighting system and fenders.

Photo: Joe Bunik

Rex Cycles is known for simple and elegant brazed frames that have a quiet, understated quality. They aren’t loud and flashy, but draw the eye to the thoughtful attention to detail in the lug work, dropouts and clean construction.