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Paketa Magnesium Bikes:
Paketa 3
Dave Walker and Fritz Tomaselo were at the Paketa Magnesium Bikes booth.  Paketa, based in Boulder, CO, has a couple of tandems and a mountain bike on display.  Dave has been involved with Paketa since 2004 and Fritz races Paketa tandems.Paketa is unique in that its frames are made of magnesium, a material with many advantages over other frame materials.

Paketa means “rocket” in Russian, and the original Paketa frames were built in Russia by former rocket engineers. The magnesium frames are currently built in Colorado.

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal currently available, and also has the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal. Paketa is the only company in the US that makes magnesium frames. Paketa’s tandems are as light as any tandem available, weighing about 23 pounds on average.

The Paketa mountain bike on display weighs 21 pounds, and features a Gates belt drive with what Walker calls a “dingle” speed, which is a double single speed.  The belt can be manually switched from a higher gear for flat riding to a lower gear by removing the rear wheel and moving the belt.

Photo: Troy McLaughlin

The inspiration for the “dingle-speed” came from Walker’s preference to ride to the trails from his home. He uses the higher gear on the road to the trailhead and then switches to the lower gear once on the trail. Walker demonstrated switching the belt between gears, which took him less than a minute to accomplish.

Anyone interested in learning more about Paketa’s magnesium frames would be well-served by stopping by the Paketa booth.