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How not to qualify the work of Black Sheep as experimental ?

Curvy titanium frames, soft-tails, truss forks, fat bikes, fat-cargo bikes (or should I say fat-long-tail bike?), belt driven lefties, telescopic chain stays for tensioning, custom racks, custom bars, you name it – Black Sheep has made it.

Based in Fort Collins, CO, James Bleakley, owner of Black Sheep, embarked on the recent 36er trend a couple of years ago.

After building the Zamer, and selling a couple of these gigantic-wheeled bikes to regular sized customers (but also to some very tall riders, taller than 6’6″), they are coming back to NAHBS with a refined version.

The wheel size is the same, 36 inches, sourced out from the world of unicyclists. Tires are made by Coker, and are not the best (nor the lightest). But they hope to see a new 36” tire coming to life soon, engineered and financed by a group of aficionados.

Novelty is seen in the new and wider thru-axle hubs, made by Paul with 135mm in the front and 170mm in the back.  A wider hub helps to regain some strength for the tall and heavy rims/tires combo, as does the tapered head tube fitted with a Chris King headset.

The rear triangle features the telescopic chainstays to enable chain/belt tension, but it also separates (near the seat stays) to make this monster easy to shove in a trunk.

Experimental, but ready to ride and bring a lot of fun, that’s what Black Sheep Todd (named after the Black Sheep builder Todd Heath) is all about.