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Gates Carbon Drive Frame Design Contest – Part 4:
Photo: Ryan Miller

Teaser Post!

Paul Tolme, PR/Media Director for Gates Carbon Drive, came by the Media Room late Saturday morning and told us that the jury is in, and that the winners of the Gates Carbon Drive frame design contest are known.

To him, and the jury. Not to you, just yet.

There were 19 bikes entered into the contest, across the spectrum of bicycle types and designs. Among the entrants to the contest not mentioned earlier in this series of posts are: Shamrock Cycles, Speedhound, Dean, Naked Cycles, and Co-Motion Cycles.

The award jury – comprised of what Tolme called “a cast of celebrity judges”- ┬áis a who’s who of handmade bicycle cognoscenti: Joe Breeze, Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster, Ross Shafer, Scot Nicol of Ibis, Joe Murray, Steve Potts, and Joe Graney.

Tolme said that the judges and Gates representatives alike were impressed with the innovative designs that the Gates Carbon Drive contest inspired, but what was equally pleasing – and perhaps somewhat more surprising – was the pure aesthetic that the Carbon Drive inspired in Gates-equipped bicycles at NAHBS.

Photo: Ryan Miller

According to Tolme, the appeal of the aesthetics of belt drives is a two-way street.

“Custom builders appreciate the technical qualities of a belt drive, but they also appreciate the clean aesthetic it creates on their bicycles. Gates has been equally pleased with what we’ve seen from all these great builders here at NAHBS.”

Stay tuned for the announcement of the contest winners!