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Quality Never Ceases

Mike DeSalvo isn’t a newcomer to the scene, but his inspirations and creativity are fresh with every build.

Mike is owner of DeSalvo Custom Cycles from Ashland, Oregon. He has been winning NAHBS awards since 2005, and also in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

When asked about what he wanted to do differently this year than in past years, DeSalvo humbly stated, “to bring a good product”.

Photo: Kris Klima

DeSalvo brought his “good product” in art forms of steel & titanium cyclocross, 29er, road, and dirt road bikes. Among DeSalvo’s inspirations were early 1970s Porsche color swatches as seen on the dirt road bike he brought to this year’s show.

DeSalvo’s love is being in the shop building bikes.¬†Unfortunately, as a small builder/business owner, there’s a lot of time spent away from the hands-on weld.

So he tries hard to swiftly accommodate the paperwork side of the business so he can get back to building his “good products.”

When asked to comment on the future of handmade bicycles, DeSalvo sees blue skies ahead.

“There’s more of an awareness now. Buying a bike used to be going to a bike shop. But now you can buy a bike from someone in this country who will make it for you, with your input. The more people are aware of the custom builders, the better the builders will do.”