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Like Family

Walking through the exhibits at the 2012 NAHBS you can easily notice one thing, given that you pay attention to small details.

A lot of builders go to one company when it’s time to choose a headset: Chris King. It is a great pride for the manufacturer to see their product on so many bikes.

Who hasn’t heard of Chris King Precision Components before ? Traditionally seen as a high end upgrade to custom bikes, they have expanded their line of products in recent years. They have adapted to the market and are more and more seen as an aftermarket upgrade for any and all production bikes.

As if this wasn’t enough you’ll be happy to know that they are making bicycles too. In fact they have been for quite a long time.

Originally started in 1978, Cielo Cycles was resurrected in 2008 some time after Chris King moved its operation to Portland Oregon. Just as with their components, everything is done in-house to reach a high level of precision and repeatability while also keeping the costs and lead time low.

Playing it safe so the exceptional quality isn’t compromised, Cielo has an incremental growth strategy. Production is almost doubling each year and should reach 500 units in 2012. Cielo bikes are distributed all over the world using Chris King’s already established market and relations. To date the response has been great.

Photo: Ryan Miller

For a Chris King employee, getting up in the morning is easy. You’re with a family of over 100 like-minded people, doing something meaningful that you take great pride in.

There is no doubt about the influence of Portland’s biking community. The relationship is fostered through many cycling events.

“We support them, we ride with them and we’re friends with them,” says King.

Go to to look at the range of bikes offered to you.