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Photo: Sophie Ballo

Revealing the Thought Process

Every builders’ point of view is evident when viewing their displays; however, the thought process that goes into that point of view might be harder to detect.

When seeing the bikes at Bruce Gordon’s booth, one can clearly see the classic designs and aesthetic associated with their name. An interview with Brandon West, though, revealed the thought process:

“We had two main goals this year,” explains West. “First, we wanted to show classic assembly techniques, such as lugs, fillet brazing, and a combo of the two. Second, we wanted our bikes to be accessible; we wanted to place function first.”

Staying with this line of thinking, all bicycles save one (the carbon, titanium lugged, blinged collaboration with Mike Lopez) are models that most people can both ride, and more importantly, afford.

Photo: Melody Stone (

Upon closer inspection, one can also see the details that make each bike clearly a Bruce Gordon. Vintage 1960s Cinelli lugs are hand tooled into more intricate designs, and tasteful accent colors adorn the frames. Innovation is also part of the Bruce Gordon package. On an otherwise classic city bike, one finds newly designed and striking carbon bars, giving the trademark blend of old and new.

In addition to the frames themselves, components also play a large part of Gordon’s business, as the company knows that without the right parts, a frame’s true nature can’t shine through. West helps each customer select the right wheels, group, bars, etc, so that they perfectly compliment the frame and the rider’s needs/style.

And after considering their goals and the turnout, what does West think of this year’s show?

“It’s fun! We’re all like minded people with common interests, but it’s more than that. We are giving people an opportunity to regain the sense of freedom that we all develop as children, and at NAHBS, we can connect back to that fundamental enjoyment of bikes.”