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Moth Attack Bicycles:

Moth Attack began with a moth infestation in a kitchen in Megan Dean’s downtown Los Angeles apartment.

She had just returned to Los Angeles from the Yamaguchi frame-building course in Rifle, CO, in 2005. With her new-found frame-building competence, Dean was looking for a business name when inspiration – literally- swirled around her. She started storing bike materials around the kitchen and looking for a new home for the bike-building business.

Her one-and-a-half-man operation out of an East Hollywood warehouse has a waiting list now. Dean is the owner and chief bottle-washer and has been watching her waiting list grow for her custom build, all-steel, frame-building business.

Since she started in 2007, Dean now has 25 to 30  track, road, cross, and multi-terrain frames to her credit – with heavy emphasis on track. The builder does her own frame fits and nearly everything else in bicycle building.

Photo:Chris Ewers

“The only thing I outsource is the paint,” Dean says. “I even do my taxes.”

Dean is grateful for the opportunity given by the cycling building business. It marries with her other occupations, doing cycling advocacy half-time for the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition and helping guide the Encino Velodrome as a member of its board of directors. The bicycle-building business works well for her boyfriend, too, a member of the US National Track Team and a USA Cycling Team mechanic. He’s the other half of the one-and-a-half-person shop.

Moth Attack bicycles have a base price of $1,600, and take Megan Dean 2-3 weeks to build.