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The return of ArtBike!:

Last held at the Indianapolis show in 2009, this street-art project runs for the month of February in Sacramento and is designed to get the bicycle juices flowing in the community and get the city in the mood for NAHBS.

“It’s great how many talented people and businesses want to get involved with this, it’s going to be a really fun event!” said ArtBike! manager Julia Beckner.

Sponsored by Bicycle Times magazine, the month’s activities involve street art, bike art in galleries and businesses around the Midtown and Downtown, as well as two bike parades with kinetic sculptures, artistic bikes and just regular riders, on February 11th and again on March 3rd.

Festivities reach a peak with a blow-out pre-NAHBS party on Thursday night, March 1st, at Hot Italian, one of Sacramento’s leading pizzerias.