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NAHBS poster boy Carl Strong withdraws from show:

NAHBS’s loss is Carl Strong’s gain. Here’s the short version: (full story here) After trying his hand at running a large frame building business in the late ’90s Carl decided he was best suited to the one-man shop model, so gradually he and his wife Loretta rented out their 7,000 foot space and shrank the frame building business.

Their dream became to have a workshop in the garden behind their home. “It would be a place providing us with privacy and simplicity, and it would allow us to build fewer frames so we could ride our bikes and travel more,” said Carl.

Well, a couple of years ago they put the large workshop on the market and very recently it sold, which means they now have to move and have a lot of bikes to build prior to the move. “We just can’t take the two weeks needed to prepare for and attend NAHBS while still meeting our commitments to current customers. We will truly miss the show and seeing all our friends,” said Carl.

NAHBS president, Don Walker, said, “We at NAHBS wish Carl and Loretta well with their move and look forward to having them back at the show in 2013.”