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I started dreaming of bicycles very early. As a toddler I used to ride my white Atala for hours, around my home building.

I remember, at a certain point, it should be the 2006, being awake at night, studying and browsing on the net about the Vigorelli velodrome;; Vanni Pettenella, the framebuilder and former olympian and then the Kissena Velodrome in NYC…

It was the 2009, after a significant career as an executive in multinational companies, I was so fed up with corporations that I decided to drop everything and roam a bit around the world, in search of my Holy Grail. I traveled to USA, UK, Japan, France, Portugal, Germany and across Italy as well, attending all the fairs and shows (Interbike, Eurobike, Ehbe, and so on) and meeting with industrialists, shopkeepers, artists, framebuilders, disaffected, nostalgic, wise men and maniac.

And since then, I wanna make bikes, bespoke and hand built in Arcore, Italy. My vision is that bicycles should be designed from the outset, to fulfill the specific purpose for which they were conceived. While much of the Italian bike industry is focused on carbon fiber racing bikes, PITZ! fills the need for high quality bespoke steel custom bicycles.

Cycling to work every day is essential to me. I’m fascinated by the tactile feeling of the steel and by the possibility to create a functional machine from the raw metal. Master framebuilder Tiziano Zullo has “baptized” me and I started PITZ! Cycles in October 2010. PITZ! is my nickname, coming from my surname (Pizzuti).

In 2011 I founded a Cycling Team with a group of young enthusiast riders who share my same passion for cyclo-cross and racing.

Of course, all of them ride one of my frames and last year we won the Italian CX Singlespeed Series!

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