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Kirk Frameworks 2/29/12 – One Last Post:

One last post.

Tomorrow morning Karin and I get on a plane and head to the land of sun and warmth and with any luck all our bikes and display will be waiting there for us. It’s supposed to be snowing and cool here so being someplace that doesn’t understand what a snow shovel is will be a welcome break.

I want to thank Don Walker and the entire NAHBS crew for making the show happen. I also want to thank Todd for making the posting of photos here on the official NAHBS site quick and easy. I’ve enjoyed sharing photos here and hope you can make it to Sacramento and that you can stop by my booth, #413, and take a lot at the bikes close up and in the flesh. I’m not as good with a camera as I am working with metal so seeing the work up close and personal is the best way to really see the bikes I build.

All the best and see you soon. Safe travels.