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Its Monday before NAHBS and I told myself two months ago I would try to post more content on here before the show came around, but the build up to NAHBS turned out to be more hectic than I assumed it would be. It is quite the production. Even though the NAHBS bike has been a big focus for me, my other customers still want their bikes by the promised due dates, so their was no rest after the show bike was off to paint. I had the honor of building a Cyclocross bike for a local guy named Nolan. Nolan is a single speed mountain biker by heart but wanted something he could ride on the road and on fire roads at a faster pace then his single speed 29er allowed him. He also wanted to run it single speed with the option of putting gears on if he wanted to. He did a great job with the part selection and we managed to get a lot of US built components on it. We also got a lot of California built products on the bike as well, which is also awesome. I think the bike turned out great and I can’t wait to get feedback from Nolan on how the bike rides. Here are a few photos I was able to snap off before Nolan came to pick it up. Stay tuned as I will be posting teaser shots of the show bike tomorrow. Cheers!