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02.23.2012 / Raphael Cycles / The Approach, in a wayz:

NAHBS approaches. I’ve posted most every day for, well, a while now.  I bet you’re sick of me.  But.

I’m picking up my show machine tomorrow (teasers to come…) from Rick. I’ve been slightly under the weather, and coming out of it, but it’s put a delay on Will’s machine for sure. With all the prep and intensity surrounding the show, I’m delaying the finish until after next weekend. Thanks for the understanding Will. Sometimes one has to know when to step back, take care, and be honest with the client. I am also going to be hooking him up with a stem for the wait, so just sayin’.

Anyways though, it just needs the seat stays installed, and clean up touches. Everything else is in and dialed. CS bridge in today, my friend Mike Deni of Geographer took some snaps of me looking like a working doofus in the shop today, and some shots of Geoff’s stem, almost done also. Check out the “fixturing”. Oh yea, my buddy Trevor made me some badass letter press business cards, killer, yea.

Tomorrow oh tomorrow. I am amped up.