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02.17.2012 / Raphael Cycles / Friday Fridays Fridaze:


Uh. What? Amped up too. Rick called and said the color forum NAHBS machine is “bitching’”.

But really. Hard to stay emotionally and physically healthy, eat well, work a part-time “other” job, have meaningful relationship, and then spend my 40 or 50 or whatever it is in the studio. But f’it, onwards and upwards, there’s a smile on this man’s face.

So what do we have what do we have. Internal TT brake line “ride fast”. Routing for the CS shift housing, pretty killer swoop if you ask me. And you did. BB unsoaked, BB soaked. Some smoothing done, some smoothing left to go, but I like them likes. The exit port for the shift cables. And my desk. New welding cap, new Mike Giant Cinelli SF pride yo bar tape for the CX bike.

Have a great weekend all.