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02.14.2012 / Raphael Cycles / Rose’s (for V day) Racer:

Will’s bicycle truly begins.   Alright alright. Victor of Archive Bags came through today to drop of a desposit for a CX machine, and dropped off this rad saddle bag as well. Killer, thank you! Skerpies, from the dollar store. Hard to say no, right? Taste that rainbow. And various shots of the sculpted CS / Dropout connection on Will’s racer. I love the beef on those stays, and the line of the taper into the dropout. Really clean, muscular. Tomorrow then.

Things should be coming back from paint soon too, and I am amped up for that. Fire.

I finally got a steady rest to face headtubes, mill crown races, and generally rock out. I am a little bit of a tool dork, and was pretty pumped to set this up.

Will’s machine is getting a whole bunch of internal routing – shifters and rear brake. It was a learning mission, and I’m really really happy with the way the routing came out. A hell of a lot of work to figure it all out, keep the angles correct, machine stainless cable stops, mill tubes, etc. but it’s going to look really great. I don’t usually break out the layout fluid, but I wanted all the ports to be really spot on. Crucial account ing kids – where the butted parts of the tube start and stop. Don’t go and start putting all kinds of crazy stress takin’ holes into that thin (.5mm!) part of the tube.

I played with an idea (first pic) before moving into the second idea (second, ha) which I think is sleeker and more appropriate for the look of this machine. That’s three out of the either 5 ports (internal TT brake routing) or 7 (maybe routing the rear shifter through the CS, gotta mull that one over).

ST sleeve. The top will be profiled and refined when I cut the excess tube off. Clean lines.

Hella tight. Thank’s again Victor / Archive.