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02.09.2012 / Raphael Cycles / Almost…:

A the joy of seeing the full machine. All the braze one’s on, bridges in, and time to clean it all up. These were my first fastback stays like this, and I’m pleased how they came out. We’ve got two jigs in full effect – homemade style and Anvil’s bridge guide, which is a damn pleasure to use. A little curved baby bridge here. This machine really is all about them curves – stays, the lines of the bilaminate sleeve, the drop puts, transitions. I dig it.

Of note is probably my favorite piece of tooling technology – the short section of angle iron. Just rock that line down a tube and line up anything your heart desires.

And damn bicycles look like hell all covered in used flux. Time for a soak (the machine) and coffee (for me).

Aaaaaaand I’m back.

Clean up almost done. But not so fast. You think I’ll show everything before NAHBS? Fatttyy chance. A few teasers and then bounce! I might be radio silent for a few days. But maybe not.