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The Re-Launch of FUSO:

When Master frame builder Dave Moulton first introduced the FUSO in 1984, it quickly became a favorite with racing cyclists and road bike enthusiasts alike. The FUSO was the bike to own during the 1980s.

The reason for its popularity was simple. It was reasonably priced for a superior hand built frame; and its riding qualities and handling characteristics were second to none.

Russ Denny, Dave Moulton’s former apprentice is now re-introducing the FUSO; bringing it back with modern styling for today’s discerning rider. At the same time all the basic design qualities that made the original FUSO such a great bicycle frame in the first place, have been retained.

Many of the earlier FUSOs are still owned by their original owners who bought them in the 1980s; others are sought after by collectors. The New FUSO also will certainly be destined to follow its predecessor, and claim its place in bicycle history.

“Once you own and ride a FUSO, you too will never want to part with it.”DM

Native American, Russ Denny, began building frames in Southern California in 1986 as an apprentice to master frame builder Dave Moulton at Fuso. “When I started, Dave had me work on one thing at a time until I mastered it, and only then would I learn something new. It was more than four years before I was allowed to build a complete frame. I apprenticed under Dave for eight years, building custom steel frames including Road, Track, Cyclocross, Touring, and ATB.

       “When I reached my 10-year mark of building frames I wanted to design a line of aluminum frames with my name on it. In 1995, I started my own line of custom built frames.”

Over the years Russ has also built for numerous companies such as: Ritte, Abici, Action Tech, Avent, Beyond Fabrications, Burro Bikes, Dagger Mountian Bikes, Elite Bicycles, Forzza, Griffen, Haro, Javilen, John Howard, Lab X, Masi, Pharo Bikes, Predator, Quintano Roo, Recherche, Simonitti, Titan Flex, Tsunami, Voodoo Cycles, Willwam Lewis Imports.

MARCH 2-4th will mark the official re-launch of the FUSO brand.  It has culminated with the resurgence of American hand made bicycles.  FUSO will display and build the original replica version and its’ geometries, as well as three new compact modern models.  All to debute at the NAHBS 2012 in Sacramento.

See you there!