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02.06.2012 / Raphael Cycles / On Becoming (and SSCXDISCO progress):


It’s a difficult process to describe, let alone be in. The goal, if you could call it that (and by nature it resists terminal beginnings and endings) is to always be engaged in a process of becoming. It’s a flow, an energy, a process. Passage through. Movement. A continuum.

We do not start “becoming” and we do not “end” or “finish” becoming. I regularly feel that I desire something tangible to relate to this amorphous process, this state of being. Something to hold onto, sign posts to read, progress to chart. Though I do have the artifice that I create with my hands, I have nothing beyond these signs, as signs are all that they are. Becoming better, becoming faster. We can always attach modifiers to the nature of the word; these modifiers make becoming more legible, but I seek a qualitative result, not a quantitative. It is the becoming quality that I seek, and it is the becoming quality that is so difficult to be engaged in. But in every frame I seek to do “better”; to instill it with greater quality. It is this becoming, this physical, emotional, philosophical, and aesthetic engagement in my work that propels me forward. I cannot grasp the intangibility of becoming, but my practice produces results that are a simulacra of the becoming.

So what.


Really though. It’s been on my mind a lot. It’s tiring. But as long as every frame is better than the last, that I learn from my mistakes, that my hands retain memories of the work through repetition, that the macro lens becomes increasingly closer to the subject, that the standards and ideals are never achieved, but pushed higher. This is what becoming means for you, and for me in terms of my production and my practice.

Too much talking.
Odds and ends. McMaster-Carr, pretty much my most favorite catalogue to look through in the entire galaxy, calls this a sanding stick. I call it little whipper. Really though, such a simple tool. Buy one.

Curved fastback seat stays are f’n hard to hand mitre. Just saying. Thems some neon zip ties. We like.

Chris King for the show bike came in. That is a bigazz headset. Snap. This bike is going to have murdered out components on a candy XXXXXXCX surprise color that’s going to rock your world Miami Breach c. 1986 stylee. Rock.

I love my vise.

Oh snap what’s that kiddos.