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02.03.2012 / Raphael Cycles / Cruise Mode:

So it’s been a sec. since I checked in.  I know a post a day.  Sometimes they slip away, moments lost in time like tears to rain.  Okay, sorry, Blade Runner joke.  Anyways.


Cruise mode.

Andres’s bicycle tacked and brazed, in and out of soaking, and then first pass on filing. I generally hit the fillet first with a grinding stone in the Dremel tool, then successive grades of files and emery clothe.

Yea, I like them radii on them jointz.

A former client, Amar, stopped by (hey homie – a guy needs some pics!) (teasing) (well, 75%), and I couldn’t help but to snap some myself of the headtube, cabling, and stem. And then the new serial badge. I quite dig it. Roman numerals, kiddos. I’m just a baby, them’s the proof.

Decals shipped today, seat stays on Monday, clean tuesday, pre-build to confirm my tolerances and the build, and then off to paint and onto the Rose Racer. Man, things seem to be moving faster and faster these days. Good I think. Or I know. My hand is still all f-ed, so no riding this weekend, but hopefully the surf is mellow enough for me to take advantage of this insane CA weather.