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Muse Cycles Mezzaluna Mixte with 350W BionX – pedalec:

The Mezzaluna Mixte by Muse Cycles is designed for a comfortable upright riding posture with a step-through geometry for easy mounting and dismounting. Additional design features include flowing curves, integrated front and rear racks, dynamo lighting. The Mezzaluna frame is constructed from a custom blend of double butted, single butted and aircraft grade 4130 steel to ensure classic steel ride characteristics. The frame is joined using a combination of TIG welding and silver and bronze brazing techniques. Additional features include a graphic carved into the bi-laminate seat cluster.

To further enhance the bicycle as transportation aspect of the Mezzaluna Mixte, a 350W BionX pedalec electric assist has been added to this bicycle making commuting much more manageable with heavy loads, big hills, or on days where weather and or physical conditioning of the rider would otherwise make commuting a insurmountable chore.

Quick Highlights of the build are:

  • 350 Watts of electric assist with a weight penalty of 17 lbs – which includes the rear wheel
  • The BionX is a electric assist / pedelec unit that can be set to either multiply the power provided by the rider at the pedals, charge the battery ( for down hill applications this works like a brake), or can be setup to provide up to 350W of electric assist without pedaling.
  • The BionX unit utilizes a 9 speed freewheel
  • The BionX model pictured above (rear rack mount battery) can also be a 500W unit, or a smaller non rack mount unit can be mounted in the front triangle instead of a water bottle.
  • The BionX model pictured also has a integrated rear light and the ability to power an external front light/s. In the bicycle pictured above the front light is powered by the BionX unit so a front dynamo hub is no longer needed. The BionX unit can be set to charge the battery power the lights if the battery is running low.
  • Paul Component Racer and Cantilever brakes were utilized – great powerful effective brakes – and great looking – made right here in California.

To learn more about the BionX unit used a PL350 HT RR M – visit the BionX site

Here @

To learn more about Muse Cycles – visit our website here @