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01.31.2012 / Raphael Cycles / (sub)Assemblies:

A day of smaller assemblies. Mitres were all cut, mostly so I could accurately position the internal top tube cable routing. I quite like the look of the so-called “jetport”. Sleek.

I spent a while today on the dropout to chainstay assembly. Because of the position of the bend in the chainstay as delivered, I had to cut the tapered section of the stay off. So what’s that leave you with? A big fatty hole and a bitty dropout tab. What’s a homie to do? Seems like Joel of Clockwork Bikes and are are on the same page. I’ve dig the industrial aesthetic if how TIG guys like Firefly or Engin finish their drops, and this is the brazer’s choice. Instead of the plate that’s often used, I scalloped it. All in all a bit of a pain and a lot of Fillet Pro (the drops, Paragon Rockers are stainless). But I’m pumped how they came out and how the lines developed. Boom.

So yup a bunch of process. Tomorrow I teach the brazing demo. I’m all prepped up and out for that. Tomorrow I’ll also finish cleaning the drops, mitre the chainstays and then tack and braze up the main triangle and stays. Right on schedule dudes and dudettes.

Oh yea anyone have a killer place for this Padawan to stay in Sac-Town? Holler.