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01.29.2012 / Raphael Cycles / Back to beginnings:

Andres’s single speed cyclocross disc machine begins today. It’s loaded with some high tech rad business – Paragon Machine Works Rocker drop outs and massive headtube for an Enve full carbon disc fork, internal routing, some badass True Temper tubes, and a whole bunch of love. Even though I design in BikeCAD I like to make a full size drawing as well – I like to work in scale. I’ve got all my bits ready to run, notes and a timeline.

Today I cut and mitered all the tubes, prepped the headtube and BB, brazed the BB/ST subassembly, and worked on the seat tube sleeve. It seems all of my machines these days have the bilaminate ST sleeve. I like the architecture of it quite a lot, and it serves to strengthen a high stress area. I’m going to have some simple cut outs i addition to those slammin’ sext curves.

The last pic is my material prep for a brazing demonstration that I’m giving at California College of the Arts on Wednesday, for a friend’s sculpture class. I just dig the layout here, so you can dig on it too.  I also like teaching a lot, and it’s been awhile since I taught, so it’s always nice to get your chops back a bit.

My friend and photographer Geoff took some great pics of Mike’s allRounder before it went out the door today, so we’ll be seeing those soon too.