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The Paketa Rocket magnesium road racing bike is superlight, stiff, and yes, fast! This bike is designed for the most competitive athletes. Magnesium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any frame material, which means even our lightest bikes are stronger than a comparable carbon fiber or aluminum bike. Since magnesium absorbs shock and vibration better than any other frame material, you get a light, responsive bike with a super smooth ride. Once you ride your first Paketa, you’ll never ride another bike again. Aerospace engineering enters into the double-butted, bi-ovalized, and aero-shaped downtubes. Thousands of road kilometers determined Paketa’s exclusive geometry, and years of experience have gone into perfecting the proprietary manufacturing processes. All this adds up to one thing: A frame light enough for the high mountains, aero enough for solo breakaways, and stiff enough for bunch sprints. Throw in the “X”-Factor (magnesium’s unique ability to tame road shock and vibration), and now you’ve got the freshest legs in the peloton!