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01.16.2012 / Raphael Cycles / Tracko in full swing:

Full swing now, got a big ole box o’ tubes from Pacenti, and we’re cruising. Bilaminate sleeves are on, ST BB spine is dialed.

A little sequence of my mitering method. Set the tube in tubing blocks on the surface table, blocks are now in phase with each other. I hold the blocks in my machine vise under the half mill, and check the angle with a bevel protractor. Then we cut. Simple, cheap, effective.

Kalavinka drops brazed in with a slight scallop on the finish, and cap brazed onto the top of the aero fork blade. That’s kind of a teaser, and it’s hard to understand the exact profile of the aero blade, but this crown is gonna be badass.  Tomorrow we tack we fillet we party.