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01.11.12 Write right rite:

For lack of a better title.

So. In lack of order. Geoff’s stem is all clean and cut up. Shop tacos. New tool – a little height indicator, many uses but working with my tube centerline gauge (pictured) was the main intention. David’s bilaminate sleeve started and finished. Zammo.

Some other business.Paragon Machine Works, basically the most kick ass supplier of domestically fabricated drop outs, bottom brackets, braze ons, damn, everything, was out of a headtube I really need for my show bike. I called and talked to Mark, the owner. He calls back 15 minutes later saying he ordered material, arriving Wednesday (today! This was Monday!) and should have them fabbed up Friday afternoon. Holy f’n smokes that’s badass rad kind and generous from an industry leader and busy man. BUY F’N LOCAL.