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01.09.2012 Let’s Make Work / Hello Out There:

Alright.  So.  New builder.  NAHBS 2012.  Gonna be killer.

The design is all done for Andres’ SS CX disc race machine that I’ll be showing at, well, the show.  Work starts when the orders are all in, close oh so close.  So today oh today.  Got this up and running, packages, design work, more design work.

Here’s what we got on the plate for the rest of January: David’s street tracko, Will’s road racer Chica Sexy style, and Andres’ SS CX disc machine.  All the materials have almost been ordered, packages flying at me from all directions at once. Man.

I’m amped up to show at NAHBS, meet the builders and makers who I look up to, talk shop, drink beer, hopefully get up to some antics.

I did take some pics today too – some new clothes for the light tourer, a lovely lady whom I’m rapidly falling in love with.  Beautiful, yes, and strong.

Let’s make work.