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English Cycles TT:

This was actually the first bike I built as English Cycles. I couldn’t achieve the position I wanted on a production time trial bike, so decided I should just build my own and see if I couldn’t make myself faster! With the bars needing to be low, I decided to eliminate a conventional stem and integrate the handlebars and aerobar into the fork. The aero extensions bolt on to allow some adjustment. At the time there weren’t many options for TT brakes, so I designed and machined my own, with a pulley operated single pivot on the back of the fork, and a scissor-link center-pull under the chainstays. Being my personal bike, I could make the seat height fixed (it does have a small amount of adjustment by changing out the clamping shims). All internal cable routing and my custom narrow front hub finish it off. This bike has since won four Oregon time trial championships, including setting a new course record last year. Steel lives on!