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Cyfac Celebrates 30 years!:

2012 marks Cyfac’s 30th year in business.

It all began in 1982, when Cyfac’s founder, Francis Quillon, began as the frame builder to cycling’s greatest stars. As the real frame beneath a sponsor’s paint, Cyfac creations were chosen for their precision craftsmanship, quality, and fit. Technologically advanced and dependable, each frame was built to withstand the demands of hard grit European racing and training. Across the rugged pavé of northern France, the sinuous descents of the Italian coast, and the fierce crosswinds of the Spanish plain, Cyfac frames have been ridden to victories in the sport’s most prestigious events. The experience and team spirit of the racing peleton carries to our workshop floor.

Cyfac was the first to TIG-weld aluminum frames, making the first lightweight aluminum frames for Claudio Chiapucci and Marco Pantani among others. As the first European titanium builder, Cyfac offered a growing list of options, including the world’s only full-custom alu superbike design (since outlawed by the UCI). Cyfac’s avant-garde efforts culminated in the first full-custom, full-carbon lug-less frameset, the Tigre. The revolutionary Cyfac carbon-stratification process brought old-world hand-craftsmanship together with 21st century technologies. Using aerospace grade carbon and resins that most manufacturers avoid due to costs, Cyfac’s focus is on quality in both the manufacturing and finish processes. Since 2007 we have used an environmentally-friendly paint process which replaces harsh chemical solvents with water. Better for our painters, better for the environment, and it even provides a more lustrous, high-quality finish to the final product! Across our range, in the way we conduct our business, and in the artisans we support, we put the finish line before the bottom line to ensure your fit, enjoyment, and lasting performance of each Cyfac frame.

Attached is a small snapshot of some of our milestones along this 30 year ride.