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Cyfac Sponsors New Pro Team – VERANDA RIDEAU-U:

CYFAC proudly announces their return to the pro cycling peloton with the new Continental Pro Team, VERANDA RIDEAU-U.  Based in the cycling-crazed Sarthe and Vendée regions of France, VERANDA RIDEAU-U builds on the country’s most successful amateur program that carried the French National Championships the past two years.  The 2012 team enters the pro arena as a European Continental Team with a mix of veteran pros returning to the top level and neo-pros taking their first shot at the sport’s highest level.  Laurent Fignon fans will know the “U” made famous with the Systeme-U and Super-U squads headed by Fignon in the 1980′s.

“Our racers are very proud to race on Cyfac and are conscious of the exceptional quality level of the bikes they’ll be using.”, says Johnny Neveu, VERANDA RIDEAU-U team manager.

VERANDA RIDEAU-U riders will race on Cyfac’s custom ABSOLU V2 and GOTHICA framesets for road events and the custom GOTHICA CLM time-trial framesets for races against the clock.

“We have a history of building frames for riders like Laurent Fignon, Frank Vandenbroucke, Claudio Chiappucci and many others.  To have our own frames, with our name, and the quality and passion of our artisans and technical staff on display is truly special.”, says Cyfac’s co-owner and director, Aymeric Le Brun.

As recently as 2003, some one-third of the Division One professional peloton raced on frames that were produced by Cyfac but branded under sponsors’ livery.  2012 marks the return of Cyfac-branded bikes for the first time since the Jean Delatour team raced the Tour de France in 2001 on the brand.

“Our argument for craftsmanship, customization, and ride quality will have an exciting arena in which to showcase our products and CPS fitting services.”, says Eric Sakalowsky, co-owner and director of sales and marketing for Cyfac.  “All of the team riders have been custom-fit with our new CPS fitting system and we are now producing their frames in time for the pre-season training.”, he continues.

Full details on the team roster and staff will follow.