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Calfee Tetra Adventure Dual Disc:

We just received this bicycle back from the good folks at ENVE who showed it in their booth at Euro Bike.  While we’ve been building this road frame for years, we are only now formalizing its station in our model range. This frame is a high-tech take on a frame that has traditionally been built out of steel or, more recently, titanium. This frame may be described as a Randonneur; a bicycle built for performance through comfort. Our definition of “comfort”, at least in this instance, is “avoiding those things that make a rider go slow”. Consider how wide-tire clearance, full-wrap fenders, integrated lighting systems, optional luggage, enhanced stability and improved vibration dampening, among other features, might enhance “comfort” and then “performance”.

We are very excited to introduce the Calfee Adventure. Click here to view geometry, features and some feedback.  We debuted this model in Austin, TX at NAHBS the weekend of Friday, February 25′th, 2010.  Both the cycling press and cyclists themselves were thrilled with our execution; enjoy this coverage from James Huang, technical editor with, as well as this October 2011 review in Mountain Flyer Magazine, featuring our Bamboo Adventure.  Monday after the show, we met for a ride with a group from Bicycles Outback in Waco, TX.  We “enjoyed” a 110 mile ride on beautiful, rolling gravel roads.  This video captures the Calfee Adventure in its intended environment.

Importantly, if you select our dual disc brake frame option (vs. 57mm reach rim calipers), you can select either a custom Wound Up fork, our modified ENVE 2 fork or our modified Co-Motion fork; our fork modification features the addition of disc brake tabs to a stock carbon fork, adding only 63 grams (413 gram fork weight).  We had our ENVE disc brake fork tested by ACT and it passed the EN 14781: – disc brake fatigue test.  It is now for sale for $650 (only $250 more than a stock ENVE 2 fork).  This ENVE fork is perfect for tires up to 700 x 28; if you’d like to run wider tires, select the Comotion or Wound Up forks which accommodate most 35c tires.