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Calfee Bamboo Pro with Hemp-Wrapped BarStem:

There are many good reasons to choose Calfee Bamboo for your next bicycle frame. Calfee Bamboo bicycle frames are very stiff, transferring power efficiently; are durable, resisting damage from stress and impacts; are comfortable, surpassing aluminum, steel, titanium and most carbon frames in smoothness.  Consider this October, 2011 review of our Bamboo Adventure in Mountain Flyer Magazine.  Our bamboo tubes mitered together and bound by plant based, epoxy soaked hemp fiber create a frame whose most notable characteristic, beyond beauty, is this incredible vibration dampening.  Enjoy this very thorough and well written article about our bamboo product.  As well, please consider this recent feedback from a new Calfee Bamboo Pro owner.

Each of our bamboo frames requires over 40 hours of labor to build. Following an interview with the frame’s new owner, we hand select a bamboo tube set that will deliver characteristics consistent with the riders expectations and requirements. Every frame is made to order and every frame is unique. All bamboo bicycles are available in stock or custom geometries.  Read more here.  Frame and Bike Pricing.