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Alchemy Custom Carbon Cross (C3X):

New for 2012, Alchemy Bicycle Company introduces the Custom Carbon Cross (C3X).  Carbon cross bikes are arguably some of the hardest carbon bikes to design because of the dynamic riding conditions the bike will face. There needs to be a careful balance of low weight, strength and steering and drive stiffness to the bike. Add to that the need for tire clearance and a host of component fitting needs and what seems like a simple job becomes a head scratcher. In the case of our cross bike, we also wanted some design modularity so we could make it a weekend racer or touring rig as well.  What we came up with is a bike with tube to tube bonds as strong as ti with the obvious weight benefits of carbon. We’ve created a deflection proof bottom bracket cluster for drive output stiffness. Using the Enve tapered CX fork, we addressed the need for steering stiffness in the ruts with an oversize head tube coupled with a massive 1.5″ Chris King lower bearing; no excuses carving through the chicanes! The bike is topped off with an incredible paint job by Jon Etheredge at Airedale paint. Those lions ain’t decals!

Whether charging the ruts and roots of a New England ‘ cross circuit or loaded dirt road touring, this is a carbon bike made to for reliability, durability and full customization.