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Appleman Bicycles DNA Bike:

Carbon fiber is not only an incredible material in a structural sense, but is a beautiful material as well.  Thin strips of carbon fiber were wrapped around the tubes to form DNA’s double helix shape giving the bike an extremely unique look and feel.  Yes, that’s right… feel.  The DNA wrap and three dimensional carbon fiber logos are raised to create never before seen texture on a bike!

The frame utilizes super light custom carbon fiber tubes yielding a frame weight of only 900 grams and an amazing ride feel!  The entire frame (except water bottle mounts and replaceable derailleur hanger) are made out of carbon fiber.  Not only does replacing aluminum bits with carbon help save weight and strengthen the frame, it also makes it more durable!  The entire frame and frame bits are laminated together for the highest strength possible.  Laminating carbon to carbon is the most reliable way to join tubes and cable stops… not just bonded.