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Calfee Dragonfly Pro Pearl White:

Owing to the inherent beauty of our carbon lugs and tubes, we aren’t often asked to finish frames in opaque colors.  Clients usually opt for a nude/raw carbon or a translucent finish.  That said, when we are asked to do as much, we wonder why we don’t do it more often!

Calfee Dragonfly lugs are pressure molded from high modulus fabric formed around metal mandrels. These lugs and pre-mitered tubes are easily bonded together because they are so compatible. The carbon fibers are carefully oriented to put strength exactly where it’s needed while minimizing weight. Gussets are integrally formed with the fabrication of the joints, eliminating the inherent weakness of the tube and lug joint found in many other manufacturers designs. They are then meticulously carved to the optimum shape, taking into consideration the weight and intended use by the rider. They happen to look good because of their form-follows-function aesthetic.