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Calfee Tetra Adventure:

While we’ve been building this road frame for years, we are only now formalizing its station in our model range.  Click here to view geometry, features and some feedback.  This frame is a high-tech take on a frame that has traditionally been built out of steel or, more recently, titanium.  This video captures the Calfee Adventure in its intended environment.  This frame may be described as a Randonneur; a bicycle built for performance through comfort. Our definition of “comfort”, at least in this instance, is “avoiding those things that make a rider go slow”. Consider how wide-tire clearance, full-wrap fenders, integrated lighting systems, optional luggage, enhanced stability and improved vibration dampening, among other features, might enhance “comfort” and then “performance”.

Along these lines, Jan Heine (Bicycle Quarterly) recently reviewed our Adventure and wrote, “As more and more research finds that wider tires offer not only better comfort and safety, but also better performance, (BQ) I consider the Calfee “Adventure” the racing bike of the future. It combines the clearance for wide tires and fenders with the light weight and performance of the best modern racing bikes. For racing, weekend rides or supported events, the Calfee’s exhilarating speed is on par with the best bikes I have ridden. Perhaps even more important, the bike felt good at all speeds and effort levels. With its quality construction and assembly, the Calfee was a bike that always felt on your side, ready to bring out the best in the rider.”

Keep an eye on our site and our facebook page for geometry tables, pictures and further specifics; we’ll have them live shortly. You can get a very good estimation for pricing by choosing your frame model (Bamboo, Dragonfly, Tetra or Luna), selecting the appropriate Adventure Frame Options package (disc brake or 57mm reach caliper brake) and any further frame options you’d enjoy from our Price List.

Please visit our website for more information about the Calfee Adventure frames and complete bicycles.