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Model: Holland Titanium with Carbon Rear Stay Concept: To build a completely custom, totally reliable, lifelong frame, utilizing our personal custom fitting process. Material: Titanium Design: To incorporate tube diameter, wall thickness and custom geometry to deliver the customer a bike that fits perfectly and reflects the ride quality desired, whilst utilizing Titanium’s inherent lively road feel. Construction: From the personal bike fit, in to a CAD program and on to the factory floor where each tube is meticulously cut, angled, mitered, filed, bored, lathed, tapped and welded all by hand, to create our frame. We go from the person, to the ride quality, to the material, in an effort to build exactly what our clients desire. Finish: On completion of the frame, we bead blast and hand brush the finished frame. Delivery: In the final stages of our process, having finished the frame and created a custom component build kit, including our own hand built wheels and US made custom carbon fiber fork, we professionally assemble the bike. We pay particular attention to apply anti-seize to all threads both on the bike and on the components, using carbon prep and correctly torque every nut and bolt on the bike. We then re fit our client, and make any subtle position changes, such as the tilt of the saddle or the personal position of the brake hoods, for the exact and optimum ride! Special notes: With our attention to every detail of the build process, from the original interview and custom fitting service, to the hand finished frame, Holland Cycles use all our resources to build one of the finest bicycles available. The 40+ years of building and riding experience from our small crew give an unparalleled insight into not only build quality, but also fit and ride quality.

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