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Model: Sportif Racer Concept: A bicycle for riding on the road Material Choice: Columbus Life & Spirit tubing Design / Construction / Finish: TIG-welded & Silver brazed. In-house, King-made stainless steel fork crown, headtube rings, engraved seatstay caps, engraved front & rear dropouts, rear brake mount. Polished surfaces on headtube rings, seatstay caps, brake mount and dropouts. In-house PPG water-based paint. Cast brass head badge. Why it’s special: From a magazine test review: “Beautiful as the bike is, however, it’s not just an art piece. Though it’s built for comfort, I found that the Sportif could thunder along in a pack just fine. As a testament, though my garage is filled with featherweight carbon bikes, I frequently found myself passing them by for the sublime feel of the Sportif.”

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