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KirkLee Green Machine II This is an updated version of the green bike at last year’s NAHBS. A customer fell in love with the color so we built one for him with subtle differences such as more intricate tribal and a three color fade vs. the original 2 color fade. This bike is a custom fit built out of carbon fiber, here is a list of what makes this special. –Carbon cable stops –Marbled carbon joints –Top and down tubes molded by the builder –Reinforced water cage bosses in the down tube –Seat tube is turned in a lathe to remove excess material (saves approx 50g), –Integrated headset –PF30 BB. Also note the sharp corners in the bikes joints. I have engineered my layups to eliminate the needs for large fillets. This gives excellent strength and lighter weight because while carbon is light, other added materials can be heavy. Much is special about this frame but the big thing for me is upon delivery the owner was take back on how beautiful it is and how could you ride a machine that looks like this. I told him it’s only paint, and it rides every bit as good as it looks. A week later I got an e-mail and he said “you are right”.

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