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with complete Di2 internal integration Concept and Design Considerations; The Dragonfly tube set was designed to build the lightest possible bicycle frame without sacrificing stiffness, durability and ride quality. Our Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System allows for total integration of the electronic shifting equipment. To achieve this level of internal integration, we modify the carbon handlebars, the carbon stem, the carbon steerer tube of the fork, the carbon seat post as well as our carbon frame. The resultant Dragonfly module leverages the advantageous characteristics of both carbon and electronics. Our high tech craftsmanship is on display throughout. Material Choice and Construction Notes; The Dragonfly tube set uses high modulus carbon fiber (66msi) in all the tubes and intermediate modulus carbon fiber (42msi) in all lug areas. Previously, a frame built with all high modulus fiber would be too brittle. We incorporate a near surface ply of Boron fiber into the three main tubes to add some toughness and compressive stiffness. Boron is an attractive reinforcement because the resulting composite combines superior tensile, compressive and flexural strengths, high modulus, and low density in one system. Dragonfly lugs are pressure molded from high modulus fabric which is formed around metal mandrels. These lugs and pre-mitered tubes are easily bonded together because they are so compatible. The carbon fibers are carefully oriented to put strength exactly where it’s needed while minimizing weight. Gussets are integrally formed with the fabrication of the joints, eliminating the inherent weakness of the tube and lug joint found in many other manufacturers designs. They are then meticulously carved to the optimum shape, taking into consideration the weight and intended use by the rider. They happen to look good because of their form-follows-function aesthetic. The Calfee Dragonfly Pro is a two pound frame whose beauty springs from its highly-optimized function; lightweight, durable, comfortable and efficient power transmission. When paired with our Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System and the numerous modifications to the carbon components to achieve full-internal integration, the resultant bicycle is a stirring marriage of old world workmanship and high tech craft.

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